Hello and welcome to ‘Art’iculate Comics! This blog is dedicated to creating a compelling discussion about the various artwork in web comics. Posts will compare artwork that is found across various comics and how they relate to one another.

‘Art’iculate Comics was created to expand the discussion about comics beyond the narratives of the stories and concentrate on the other important aspect of comics, art! 

Web comic art can be very advanced and technical or more simplistic and I think this is an interesting distinction to make regarding how the comic is perceived by the audience. There are also advancements in art being made within web comics, including the introduction of motion into the panels. This is a very fascinating topic of discussion and something ‘Art’iculate Comics will be posting about often!

If you enjoy talking about art or comics this is the place to come! ‘Art’iculate comics aims to generate intriguing topics of discussion that would normally not be brought up.

I hope you enjoy!