Okay so I’ve been saving this one for a while, and the time has come. I don’t have a huge background in comics, but like most kids I enjoyed reading the Sunday comics in the paper. This weeks comic hits home in that regard.

JL8 is a webcomic created by Yale Stewart and depicts the D.C. comic book characters as elementary schoolers.


While the comic is hilarious, the artwork is also interesting. It has the traditional style of the comic strips from newspapers. 


But since it’s on the web Stewart had to work a little harder to give it that authentic feel and newspaper look. I think the effort was well worth it because the comic looks awesome, not to mention the little super heroes are adorable.


The art style is a little more simple than the other webcomics I’ve blogged about, but the nostalgic feeling from this comic was just too great to not share. 

If you want to read more you can check out the the JL8 tumblr page here.

These images are a copyright © of Yale Stewart. No infringement intended.



2 thoughts on “Classic

  1. Adorable cartoon characters! The artist spent a lot of time trying to make an old newspaper feel and it looks amazing! Thanks for sharing this cute comic!


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