Sonny Liew!

So this week’s post is inspired by a lecture that I went to this week by comic artist Sonny Liew. I wanted to post about him because he was really fun to listen to, but also because his style is very unique, and I love posting about unique things!

Liew uses a technique where he mixes different comic art styles into one work. He said he likes to do this to being emphasis to parts of the narrative. I think this is so interesting and unlike anything I’ve seen in comics before!

The best example of this technique is in his latest book, “The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye”, although he has used this style in some of his previous works too. (I know this isn’t a web comic but I couldn’t resist).

This book is a story about a comic book artist, Charlie, and Liew incorporates different styles of art into the comic to distinguish Charlie’s art from his own. You can see this in action in the images below. The top and bottom panels are the actual comic, where the middle panel is the work of Charlie. Interesting right?

chan3 chan4

He goes even further as the story goes on and shows the comic books that Charlie has created.

chan1 chan2

I think this technique is so awesome and a great way to help the reader immediate distinguish between Liew and Charlie’s styles, as well as show off different comic art styles all in one! 

Liew’s lecture was very interesting and I’m so glad I was exposed to his work!

You can check out Liew’s website here.

You can buy Liew’s latest book “The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye” here.

These images are a copyright © of Sonny Liew. No infringement intended.


2 thoughts on “Sonny Liew!

  1. I enjoyed Sonny Liew’s lecture too – he is so talented! I love his versatility and the way he uses different textures to create mood or feeling. Thanks for sharing this!

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