Light and Mood

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So I’ve realized that I have been talking pretty heavily about color, so this week I want to shift gears a little bit! I want to talk about another aspect of art that isn’t focused on as much, light and how it creates mood. 

I have found an incredible web comic called Ava’s Demon. The comic is produced by Michelle Czajkowski and currently has 17 chapters.

Ava’s Demon definitely has a unique art style, but what really caught my attention when i first saw it was the use of light, or the depiction of light.


There’s a distinct difference between what is in light and what is in shadow, which is not something you see emphasized ver much in web comics.


The lighting technique used by Czajkowski is so powerful in setting the mood for each page. 


Every page of this comic uses this technique so the cohesiveness is fantastic. Just between the two images above you can see how well using light can set different moods within the frame.

I thought it was so interesting to see light used in such a major way. The variation in light sources really gives the artwork depth and interest, whether it’s an actual character, a screen, or another light source, each one brings something new and different to the table.

I commend Michelle Czajkowski on her awesome technique and use of an element of art which is often lost in comic art! 

Check out Ava’s Demon here.

These images are a copyright © of Michelle Czajkowski. No infringement intended.


3 thoughts on “Light and Mood

  1. I love how the lighting focuses on each character and intensifies the story. It sets the comic apart from the others really distinctively.

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