This week I want to introduce you to a very interesting and I think unique comic called Haunter. The comic is created by Sam Alden and is something I haven’t really seen before. His art style is simple but the way he colors his comics is in the style of watercolor and I think it’s really compelling. 


Looking at so many web comics I don’t think I have come across another comic that uses the watercolor style to bring the comic to life. Not only is it interesting because all of the colors in general, but the viewer also has to break down the colors of the comic to understand the images because not all the objects are colored as they are in real life.

example: blue-purple trees in the image above, and purple grass in the image below.


Overall the use of color is fantastic, you can tell that Alden took time in considering how he would color each image and the objects within it. He uses many different color combinations like:

  • All the rainbow colors, like in the first image
  • Split complementary colors (purple – green) like in the second image
  • Traditional complementary colors (green – reds/pinks) like in the last image

The list of appealing color palettes continues throughout Alden’s comic.


I was excited to share this beautifully done and unique comic with y’all because it’s always awesome to come across a comic that surprises you! The art style and technique used by Alden definitely surprised and impressed me! 

Let me know if you come across any other comics that use this same style, I’m very interested to know how many of them are out there!

You can see more comics by Sam Alden here.

You can check out and being reading Haunter here.

These images are a copyright © of Sam Alden. No infringement intended.


One thought on “Haunter

  1. This is so different and unique! The watercolor art really does bring the story to life and the author does a great job of using color to set the mood in all the images. It’s like a painting story! I will definitely have to look into his comics.

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