Black and White

It’s time to talk about some black and white comics!

Color is a huge aspect of art, but I have found some comics that aren’t hurting from their lack of color. Robert Andrews is an illustrator and comic creator. Most of his comics are in black and white, and they are beautiful.

Having a lack of colors makes other elements are art more important. Without color, line and shape become the center of attention, and value and contrast also come to the forefront of the design.


There are many things working within his artwork. The grayscale has so much depth and detail that it doesn’t feel like the comic is missing something by lacking color. The range of values is fantastic and needed to help give the artwork such interest and depth.


The unique layout of his comics also add further appeal with more lines, shapes and variation in space.

SMALL01_05wide small03_07wide small04_08wide

These images are very simple in their layout and design, but the high levels on contrast make them interesting to look at. A lack of words make the artwork that much more important, and Andrew’s realizes this and takes full advantage of the frame when creating is art. 


It’s clear that black and white comics can be just as fascinating as full color comics and the artwork is just as wonderful and creative. Beautiful comics are being created with and without the use of color!

These images are a copyright © of Ryan Andrews. No infringement intended.

You can see and read all of these comics here, on Andrew’s website.


One thought on “Black and White

  1. I’ve never seen black and white comics before – these are very cool! It does allow the artist to make statements and set the mood without relying on the distraction of color. I think it’s very dramatic. I also love the artist’s line work and attention to detail, as it makes for a very compelling visual story!


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