Light and Mood

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So I’ve realized that I have been talking pretty heavily about color, so this week I want to shift gears a little bit! I want to talk about another aspect of art that isn’t focused on as much, light and how it creates mood. 

I have found an incredible web comic called Ava’s Demon. The comic is produced by Michelle Czajkowski and currently has 17 chapters.

Ava’s Demon definitely has a unique art style, but what really caught my attention when i first saw it was the use of light, or the depiction of light.


There’s a distinct difference between what is in light and what is in shadow, which is not something you see emphasized ver much in web comics.


The lighting technique used by Czajkowski is so powerful in setting the mood for each page. 


Every page of this comic uses this technique so the cohesiveness is fantastic. Just between the two images above you can see how well using light can set different moods within the frame.

I thought it was so interesting to see light used in such a major way. The variation in light sources really gives the artwork depth and interest, whether it’s an actual character, a screen, or another light source, each one brings something new and different to the table.

I commend Michelle Czajkowski on her awesome technique and use of an element of art which is often lost in comic art! 

Check out Ava’s Demon here.

These images are a copyright © of Michelle Czajkowski. No infringement intended.




This week I want to introduce you to a very interesting and I think unique comic called Haunter. The comic is created by Sam Alden and is something I haven’t really seen before. His art style is simple but the way he colors his comics is in the style of watercolor and I think it’s really compelling. 


Looking at so many web comics I don’t think I have come across another comic that uses the watercolor style to bring the comic to life. Not only is it interesting because all of the colors in general, but the viewer also has to break down the colors of the comic to understand the images because not all the objects are colored as they are in real life.

example: blue-purple trees in the image above, and purple grass in the image below.


Overall the use of color is fantastic, you can tell that Alden took time in considering how he would color each image and the objects within it. He uses many different color combinations like:

  • All the rainbow colors, like in the first image
  • Split complementary colors (purple – green) like in the second image
  • Traditional complementary colors (green – reds/pinks) like in the last image

The list of appealing color palettes continues throughout Alden’s comic.


I was excited to share this beautifully done and unique comic with y’all because it’s always awesome to come across a comic that surprises you! The art style and technique used by Alden definitely surprised and impressed me! 

Let me know if you come across any other comics that use this same style, I’m very interested to know how many of them are out there!

You can see more comics by Sam Alden here.

You can check out and being reading Haunter here.

These images are a copyright © of Sam Alden. No infringement intended.

Black and White

It’s time to talk about some black and white comics!

Color is a huge aspect of art, but I have found some comics that aren’t hurting from their lack of color. Robert Andrews is an illustrator and comic creator. Most of his comics are in black and white, and they are beautiful.

Having a lack of colors makes other elements are art more important. Without color, line and shape become the center of attention, and value and contrast also come to the forefront of the design.


There are many things working within his artwork. The grayscale has so much depth and detail that it doesn’t feel like the comic is missing something by lacking color. The range of values is fantastic and needed to help give the artwork such interest and depth.


The unique layout of his comics also add further appeal with more lines, shapes and variation in space.

SMALL01_05wide small03_07wide small04_08wide

These images are very simple in their layout and design, but the high levels on contrast make them interesting to look at. A lack of words make the artwork that much more important, and Andrew’s realizes this and takes full advantage of the frame when creating is art. 


It’s clear that black and white comics can be just as fascinating as full color comics and the artwork is just as wonderful and creative. Beautiful comics are being created with and without the use of color!

These images are a copyright © of Ryan Andrews. No infringement intended.

You can see and read all of these comics here, on Andrew’s website.


Hello Hello! It’s time for post number 3, and I’m going to jump right in. This week I’m going to talk about a comic named Ascent.

Ascent is an ongoing web comic about an optimistic sea diver on a mission to return to the surface! The comic is updated every two weeks by creator Kevin Lam.

Okay, so I want to talk about this web comic because of its unique style. First and foremost it has a unusual panel format. Ascent has long/tall panels and then are presented in a scrolling format down the page.

Having tall panels give Lam room to have artwork and text without them getting in the way of each other. Another interesting thing about Lam’s artwork is that his comic is monochromatic, I’m sure the main reason is because of the environment, but I think it works really well.


This is the first panel of the comic. This structure gives Lam room to experiment and create interest within each panel.


Even with a large amount of text there is still plenty of room for artwork, which is fantastic because I often feel that more text means less art, and for this comic that’s not the case!

The monochromatic color scheme unites the comic and makes it very recognizable and distinct from others. The simplicity works on all fronts: 

  • A simplified color scheme
  • A simplified art style
  • A simplified use of text (presented in the same place with the same font consistently)


The artistic and stylistic choices that Lam is making are part of what makes this comic really interesting and different. You often see black and white comics, but it’s more unusual to see monochromatic comics using colors other than black or white so it was a wonderful surprise!

You can check out Ascent here and enjoy this little gem!

Ascent is a copyright © of Kevin Lam. No infringement intended.

Next week I’ll be taking a look at some black and white comics!

With that being said…