Color and Environment

Hello! Today I will be talking about color and environment in webcomics!

In order to do this I will be using artwork from a very interesting comic called Romantically Apocalyptic (RA). RA is a post-apocalyptic webcomic about the adventures of four characters trying to survive. 

The art director Vitaly S. Alexius describes RA as “a high-detailed graphic novel that combines delicious servings of: end of the world / life in a dark post-apocalyptic dystopia, and twisted humor”.

What is really interesting about RA is the way they produce the webcomic. They use multimedia techniques to create stunning artwork. The team uses photographs, digital artwork, music, film and more! Once I discovered this I understood the comic so much more and began to see how it was constructed.

I want to focus on two main aspects of RA’s artwork for this post: color and the creation of environment and mood.

First Color.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 5.15.49 PM

Being in a post-apocalyptic world, there aren’t as many bright cheerful colors as you may think. But something that works so well is how RA artists used color. Many of the backgrounds have a more somber and dull color space. However they use a dominant color in the characters or objects to help our eye focus on something in the image.

In the instance above, they have used red to get us to focus on the character the Captain. This technique is very effective, especially when the rest of the image tends to be grayscale. RA does this in many of their panels and I think it is a very good technique, especially since there isn’t a huge amount of dialog in the comic.

They also use color as a way to give us specific visual connections to the characters. Each character tends to have a color that they are represented by, and this is an immediate way for us to know who is in the scene together.


The image above is another still from RA that uses really nice dominate color to bring focus to the character. There isn’t much action going on, but there is a lot of artwork going on, and with so much to look at sometimes the viewer needs help to know what to look at. RA uses dominate color to guide the reader through the page, which is even more helpful when there is an absence of dialog.

Now Environment and Mood:

There are so many epic scenes in this webcomic, and they artists definitely use that to set the mood, or give scale and perspective to the reader.


The image above not one gives a great perspective and scale on the space that the characters are in, but it also frames the characters into the picture. The environment in a post-apocalyptic comic seems to be of high importance to the creators, and RA is no different. The picture is immensely overwhelming and makes the viewer feel in awe and even intimidated, but more importantly intrigued. Seeing this panel made me want to explore more and discover other parts of the destroyed world.


Yet again, RA provides another incredibly interesting, but decrepit environment. This is totally different from the image above, but does a lot of the same things. It creates fascination and makes the viewer want to know more. Establishing a strong sense of environment is so vital, and RA has done that so well, there were countless examples in just the first few pages.

I know I rambled a little bit about this comic, but I was so impressed by the artwork! The team goes to such incredible lengths to make each image look as realistic and interesting as possible, and the hard work definitely pays off!

I hope you enjoyed as much as I did!!

Speaking of the team, I must give credit!

Art Director: Vitaly S Alexius

Photography: Vitaly S, Oggy B, Chico G, Mabi

Illustrators: Vitaly S, Mabi, Allyssa N/Hatsie, IlDanmrak

Artists: Andrey F, Christine Z, Ivan Y, Malin F, Caroline H

Music Editor: Oggy B

Intern: Tina Hoffman

Romantically Apocalyptic is a copyright © of Vitaly S Alexius. No infringement intended.



Stand Still. Stay Silent.

For my first post I want to keep it simple to introduce you to a typical kind of blog post for ‘Art’iculate Comics.

Today I wanted to share with you some artwork that caught my eye when I first starting looking through web comics.

Stand Still. Stay Silent (SSSS) is a webcomic created by Mina Sundberg. I found her artwork to be stunning and wanted to share with you some pieces from the comic in my first post.

But first a little bit about this wonderful comic to set the stage: 

“‘Stand Still. Stay Silent’ is a post apocalyptic webcomic with elements from Nordic mythology, set 90 years in the future. It’s mostly a story about friendship and exploring a forgotten world, with some horror, monsters and magic on the side. ”

-Mina Sundberg

The comic mostly takes place in Iceland, although there are excursions to other nearby countries such as Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. No matter where the characters are, one thing is undeniable, it looks incredible.


Above is an image of the main cast and crew which you follow throughout their various adventures. This image isn’t actually in the comic, but serves as the main image on her website.

The artistry is beautiful, there is so much depth and detail in all aspects of the piece. The characters take center stage, but the background and bridge don’t lack attention from the eye either. The color scheme is spot on with deep, rich purples and calming light blues. The overall style of the piece is so unique to Mina and she does so well to emphasizes that throughout all of her artwork.


Now this image is actually from the comic. It appears as the 204th page of SSSS in the 4th chapter. I’m not this far in the comic yet so I can’t speak to the context of this page, but what I want to discuss is the ornate beauty and detail.

Once again the color scheme works wonders, with all the various shades of blues and greens working in perfect harmony with one another. The organic structure of her panels mimics the natural setting of the story. Even without having words, the artwork speaks enough to tell the reader what is happening on this page.

I’m excited to be able to introduce you to this wonderful comic, and I look forward to comparing Mina’s artwork with other similar web comic art when I come across it. This is not the last you will see of SSSS. 

The artwork of this web comic is what drew me in to begin exploring it further, and I wasn’t disappointed.

So, what do you think of the artwork in SSSS? 

Stand Still. Stay Silent is a copyright © of Mina Sundberg. No infringement intended.